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Solutions, Suspensions, and Colloids - Let's Explore the Science
what sets an ionic colloid apart from the rest?
Epstein Barr Virus Custom Tutorial
and spontaneous remission
Colloidal Silver For Cold Sores
Spontaneous Remission - Herpes Treatment
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Economy 3-PK of Colloidal Silver w/ FREE SHIPPING
Silver*Sensei Colloidal Silver PPM (parts-per-million)
ppm meter reading 4-March-2024
DeFeNDR_CS Colloidal Silver Transparency
proven scientific method tests
**IMPORTANT** Part II - How to Properly Store your Colloidal Silver and So Much More
Part II of 2
Take Your Power Back DUO
**IMPORTANT** Part I - How to Properly Store your Colloidal Silver and So Much More
Part I of 2
NEW! Ionic Colloidal Silver First Aid Kit - 3 pc
NEW! 2oz GLASS Spray Bottle (empty)
How to TEST for a True COLLOIDAL Suspension
Treating LYME Disease Tutorial
purchase only what you need
ALERT! Many Food Notice Recalls
protect yourself and your family
DeFeNDR_CS Colloidal Silver - Part II
an economical approach to healing
Why Become a SILVER*LEGION Member
Why Become a Silver*Seekers Member
2-Pk Colloidal Silver 16oz w/ Large Measuring Syringe - 5ml to 20ml
Colloidal Silver 16 fl oz. w/ Large Measuring Syringe - 5mL to 20mL
Colloidal Silver 16 fl oz. w/ Small Measuring Syringe - 1/2 - 2 tsp
2-PK NEW! Colloidal Silver GEL 2oz
SILVER Combo #2: 2-Pack Liquid Colloidal Silver w/ Silver GEL
SILVER Combo #1: Liquid Colloidal Silver w/ Silver GEL
2 Pack - DeFeNDR_CS Colloidal Silver 20ppm - 16 fl. oz Bottle
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DeFeNDR_CS Colloidal Silver - Part I
an economical approach to healing
16 fl. oz. Bottle of Colloidal Silver by DeFeNDR_CS
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Effective Immediately!!
NEW! Silver*Sensei Colloidal Silver GEL 2oz
COLLOIDAL Silver -vs- IONIC Silver
what is the difference? the answer may surprise you...
Mycotoxins Found in Medical Marijuana
no worries ...
The TRUTH of Disease ... Mycoplasma
an in-depth review
Is CANCER a Vitamin Deficiency?
become a Silver*Seeker Member to find out more ...
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Benefits of Colloidal Silver
We Don't NEED Their 'Sick Care' System
~ the time has come ~ tough times come with tough choices!
Does Colloidal SILVER Kill Viruses & Bacteria?
excellent question prompting this post ...
What is the difference between Colloidal Silver and Colloidal Gold?
Introducing...Our new PRIVATE Facebook Group
a way to connect, ask questions, and learn
Reviews of SilverSensei.com from our Silver "Family"
good or bad -- we don't discriminate! But we AIM for excellence ...
Digestion and Hormone Balance -- the LINK
gut health = balanced hormones
Stubborn C. Difficile (C. Diff)
Colloidal Silver ... It's What We Do
Our Mission (Intent) ~ Do No Harm...
Q&A from the Mayo Clinic about Colloidal Silver
Direct Delivery of Colloidal Silver to the Lungs?
How and Why?
FDA targeting Colloidal Silver...
time to wake up and smell the deception - full story on NaturalNews.com
Google Completely Bans Colloidal Silver Advertising
big surprise!
Adding Silver to Antibiotics? Success!
adding silver to antibiotics makes them 10 to 1,000 times more effective at fighting infections?
Treating Canine EYE Infections
some dog breeds get eye infections more often than others...
It's Official! Our New Label Design has Launched
check out the new look for DeFeNDR_CS Colloidal Silver
May 23, 2023 Defendr_CS SilverSensei Colloidal Silver ..MOJO
5_24_23 MOJO Golden Ray
Silver*Sensei ... a trusted site
Mycoplasma...What is it and how does it effect you?
Some important information on mycoplasma and how to eradicate it.
Our New Label ... Energy Captured
Pictures are shown below, see any difference?
Close-Up Image of Crystalline Colloidal Silver
Can you see the Crystalline Nature of Our Silver?
COMING SOON ... We will be launching our new label design for our products
This label better reflects our personality. We will be sharing images of our new product look soon
Energy of DeFeNDR_CS Colloidal Silver Captured...
Frequency (aka: energy) makes up the reality around us, what we experience. Very few of us consider how the vibrational energy around us affects our being.
Homemade Mouth Wash (Rinse)
I owe Dr. Berg (youtube) for a portion of this recipe. I made a few changes which I will explain ... but Dr. Berg needs to be given credit for turning me on to this concept.
Activate your Silver*Sensei Colloidal Silver
Defendr SilverSensei Colloidal Silver... [A TRUSTED SITE]
Quick Tips using DeFeNDR_CS Colloidal Silver that Make a Difference
DeFeNDR_CS Colloidal Silver is the "silver" standard for your health and well-being however it has so many more uses, BIG & SMALL, that make it worth its weight in gold.
DeFeNDR_CS Colloidal Silver destroys mycoplasma in the body...and this detox helps to REMOVE the residual out!
INTRODUCING...Economy 3-Pack DeFeNDR_CS Colloidal Silver
INTRODUCING... OUR NEW ECONOMY 3-PACK + 10% SAVINGS ... AND FREE SHIPPING (Reg. Price $114.00) Enter Coupon Code: FREE at Checkout
A Daily Reminder . . .
When I am working on my passion project – I now have a reminder in front of me to keep me grounded, inspired and mindful - - my simple truth:
Magic Treatment for Puppy Paws - Infections, Ulcerations, Burns and more
Dry, cracked puppy pads are a thing of the past...
Making Colloidal Silver Burn Cream and/or Moisturizer
There was a time your grandma and your momma took care of ailments at home. Take back your power, your health, your family…with DeFeNDR_CS Colloidal Silver!
How to Make Colloidal Silver GEL
When do you need colloidal silver gel? Burns (including sunburns) & Cuts (lacerations). These are main ways I used colloidal silver gel.
SHORTS: Tutorial on Making a Treatment for Ear Infections / Yeast Infections for Dogs
As many as 20 percent of dogs have some form of ear disease Dogs are more prone to ear infections than humans because of the shape of their ear canals
SHORTS - Tutorial Immune Support
For the most part you don’t have any issues you’re trying to fix. “An ounce (!!) of prevention is worth a pound of cure”
SHORTS - Tutorial on Skin Trauma
How to use DeFeNDR_CS Colloidal Silver 20ppm for skin trauma
SHORTS - Tutorial Sinus Infection (Sinusitis)
Using DeFeNDR_CS Colloidal Silver 20ppm for Sinus Infections & to PREVENT them
SHORTS - Tutorial Eye Infections
Using DeFeNDR_CS Colloidal Silver for Eye Infections
“DO NO HARM”… The Power of Intention
Do No Harm ... ...it’s in our colloidal silver! I knew that intent meant "an underlying purpose or motive" but because this concept cannot be easily known or measured; what was I going to do with it?
Introduction Video to our Site
A quick guide to special features available on our website
Information & Medical Disclaimer
Custom Tutorials on How to Use Your Colloidal Silver
once you have your DeFeNDR_CS colloidal silver...how many ways are there to use it?
A sneak-peek into my daily routine with my two dogs using Colloidal Silver for Immune Support
Share Colloidal Silver with your Pets
New Member Intro to DeFeNDR_CS Colloidal Silver
Welcome New Members...this is a place for learning, sharing and sometimes just being silly. Watch the intro video below: